Weeping Woman

Weeping Woman

When I'm Gone: A Poem
Jurgen Namupira Jurgen Namupira

I want you not to cry 
That day when I'm gone,
I wish not for you to be broken.
Be strong for me and the future,
Remember of all the good times
And be proud of yourself.
We had love to share
And you filled me with joy.

Whenever I leave - 
     never to return
All you will are memory flashes,
Nothing left of my flesh
Still you will crave more;
More of the soul warming touch
The touch of my poetry to your heart

By then I'll be long gone,
Remember all the poems of time
The ones I wrote to you 
Keep them close to your, 
  they'll draw me closer to you
But promise you'll never mourn,
Let my absence shatter you,
I'll be there.


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