Traversing Through A Web of Lies And Confusion In Linda Kavanagh's "Still Waters"
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By Tanya Mtema

There was a time when Ivy Heartley the narrator could have told the truth. She had lived all these years with the tragic memories of her teenage memories lingering and storming her brains. What could she have done? When she had became a Bright lights star for an opera that aired out every  night and fortune followed her and the tiny flat in London where she and Danny once lived became a memory. Danny had became a managing director of one of the country's best supermarket chains. They both lived a blissful marriage blessed with a son named Joseph who was still in University.Revealing the truth was probably going to destroy her career, marriage and possibly turn her son against her. Falling in love at a teenage age was just a  natural phase which she didn't know was going to haunt her for life. Her husband Danny was the younger brother to a man she had left beneath the seas of Lake Lincolnshire. Since then Ivy would constantly visit Willow Haven where both their families still stayed so she can greet the demons around the area where they used to flirt after school hours. Joe loved Ivy, Rosa loved Danny and Danny loved Ivy. Danny and Joe's parents wondered why Joe their first born never returned home after a fight with his father. Rosa's mother also wondered why she always writes letters but never visits. Kavanagh is very good at portraying the loneliness of their parents following the disappearance of their children.


 Tragic strikes in when her sister in-law informs Ivy on the community development project of draining lake Harper and building houses. Apart from that, her nervousness was instigated when an unknown call aroused the goose bumps in her. The caller was stalking on her and knew her secret. His furious agitated voice was keen to surface the truth and make Ivy suffer. Ivy had to runaway to South Africa hoping to find peace at her brother's home, Owen. Unfortunately, the 6000 miles was not enough to serve her from a creepy bridge.

What on earth was happening to Ivy? Could it be Karma? Her marriage was also crumbling due to a past event. Rosa an old friend from high school had met Danny years later after she ran away from the village to become an air hostess immediately when Danny proposed to Ivy when she got pregnant. So unfortunate! Ivy discovered the hidden secret of her husband. Even though they made decisions as carefree teenagers their skeletons are made flesh once again.

Linda Kavanagh was able to create a plot with twists and turns. The development of characters portrays a world of lies and confusion. Whatever the author had in mind was a psychological twist of the readers mind with a glimpse of suspense and action that has no guns but the deceit and confessions are greater than any lethal weapon.

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