Tips Helpful In Any Business part 1
Samuel Awunor Samuel Awunor

Business is an important venture one should get involved in. 
Business basically entails the buying and selling of goods and services. However, many are discouraged about low turn out of buyers. This might be due to some reasons. 

Here are the tips that I find helpful in any business:
1. Quality: Quality refers to the value of your goods and services... It simply talks about how good your goods are or how good your services are. Your products must be of good quality because it helps to attract buyers. 

Low turn out of customers might be as a result of bad quality of goods sold or services rendered. Improve the quality of your goods and services. 

2. Character: Your relationship with buyers matters. Your behaviour towards them will determine if you will be successful in your business. Business entails or involves preferential treatment from sellers to buyers. 
As a seller, you've to be a patient type, One who is slow to anger. 
Some buyers may seem to be annoying. Nevertheless, sellers are to treat them well. Treat your buyers as if they are all that matter. Don't be a type of seller that will practically chase buyers away (directly or indirectly) 

the part 2 of this article will be posted soon. 

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