The tragedy
Timukudzeishe Gumbo Timukudzeishe Gumbo

The tragedy

An ugly day it was, hot summer winds blowing from the east to west. A true confirmation to the tragedy the kingdom of Ahuha was facing.  

“How can I be connected to the calamities we are facing”, Ikechukwu wondered.  The king himself connected to the disappearance of young girls and boys, which was unheard of. Voices of the various meetings he had had with the chief priest kept on echoing in his head. “Your highness you brought all this upon yourself…’s all because of your past…….”. “What past is he speaking of?” he wondered alone.

“Your highness! Your highness!” his wife shouted while tapping his shoulder. “Come back to me my love. Don’t let this destroy you”. “My love, you don’t understand, listen to the voices outside this palace. My people are crying. Why? Because of the past that I do not even remember. Then here you are telling me to calm down”, answered Ikechukwu with tears cascading down his cheeks. “I should just die. I have hurt this kingdom enough…let me just…..”. “ Ifyakwa! Your highness death will not solve this. Why don’t you ask the chief priest for a clue? I think it’s time we revisit your past and amend it”. “This is a brilliant idea. I will do just that. I love you my queen”. He kissed her.

“Emeka! Emeka!” he roared. “Where in the name of God is this boy. Hey you Ugu call Emeka for me. 

“Your highness you called me”, said Emeka one of his most trusted servants. “Yes Emeka, I called for you here. Go to the chief priest’s shrine and tell him I request for his presence”.

Hours later Ezerounye the chief priest appeared before Ikechukwu.  “Mouth of the gods I called for you. Please ask the gods for help. I can’t figure out the past”. After a lot of incantations Ezerounye finally blotted out something. “I’m sorry your highness but the gods are silent….wait…eeh….I’m seeing something. I’m seeing a spirit of a lady called Ifioma”.

“No no no not Ifioma “.

“Who is Ifioma your highness” asked one of the elders. He then explained to his council about his relationship with Ifioma. How he advised her to evade the kingdom after he discovered that she was carrying his baby. “My elders I was afraid of the shame. My relationship with her was an abomination”.

Please moth of the gods tell us how the king’s dark past connected to the calamite in hand?” asked one of the elders

Ezerounye chanted all the gods’ names. “Ifioma cursed this land before she dies. We have to visit her grave and you my king, you have to apologize to her”.

“Where will we find her grave? Only the gods knows maybe she died in the evil forest”, said Ikechukwu.

“Emeka my son take them to your grandmother’s place. She is the only one who knows where Ifioma was buried”, said Ezerounye. “And your highness one more thing Emeka here… your son”.

++++++++++++the end+++++++ 

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