The Power of Association
Rodreck Matsveru Rodreck Matsveru

"If you hang around with nine brokepeople, you will be number ten” Les Brown

Personal success directly related to your associations. Some have said that people you associate with do not matter. They have said that what is important is the purity of the heart. While this might seem to be true, the fact is association matters a lot in life.

Association matters when it comes to the way how people see you. People judge personality, behavior and character based people you spend time with.

People you spent your time with, define who you are. Les Brown noted that if you hang out with nine broke people you are become number ten.

The bible in Amos 3:3 says two cannot walk together unless they have an appointment. You become what you become because of people you spent most of your time with.

It is impossible for one to be a friend of thief whilst he or she is not a thief. People we spent time with influence our behavior thoughts and habits.

History has proven that when we interact with people we adopt some of the things they do. This can be good or bad therefore you should be careful when choosing friends because this has long term effects in future.

Association has an impact on how people see you. When people see you, they bless or curse you based on how they characterize you. People characterize you basing on the people we spent time with or precisely our friends.

The people you interact and socialize with play an important role on your behavior. The bible in 1 Corinthians 15:33 says bad company corrupts good morals.

People you allow to be part of your life may make your life bitter or better, one with good morals can become morally decadent because of influence of friends. Samson the powerful man in Israel in the time of judges lost his power because of the woman he associated with.

Many people have lost opportunities as a result of associations. Some have lost opportunities because the people they get along with are of questionable character.

If people see you interacting with prostitutes they will classify you as part of them. If you are not careful in this life you might not make it to our destiny because of our friends.

People you permit in your life will influence your way of thinking, how you do things in life. You should associate with like-minded people. If you hang out with people of negativity you are likely to be negative minded.

Hanging out with people of questionable morals will result in your morals being questionable too. You might be a nice person but your niceness can be affected by our companions’ behavior.

There are some people who grew up quiet and reserved but they changed because they met some characters they copied. Some individuals started drinking beer because their friends were drinking.

The bible always teaches believers that they should not associate with ungodly people. Psalms 1; 1-6. It says that blessed are those who stay not in the counsel of the ungodly. It shows that people of contrasting values should not interact because there other people who will be corrupted mostly for the bad.

Paul in the New Testament advised Christians at Corinth to avoid bad associations. He said do not be unequally yoked with the non-believers. When that occurs chances are that one will be influenced for the bad by non-believer.

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