The beauty of the Raja Ampat Islands
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Raja Ampat is an island in the Papua region of (Irian Jaya) Indonesia. Where has been known in the world with its charm because of its natural beauty.

Through a documentary film made by Kaufik Anril  entitled "The Serenity of Papua", in this film tells about A film about Amazing Raja Ampat Indonesia.

The Serenity of Papua (HD) - A film about Amazing Raja Ampat Indonesia

The tourists who come from all over the world deliberately come here to enjoy the beauty of the island and the uniqueness of its underwater tourism, and explore the underwater walls by diving. Here tourists can also wade through large and small islands, mountains, tropical forests, coral reefs, white sand beaches and the diversity of animal life in the Raja Ampat tourist area.

Raja Ampat area is an archipelago, which has a means of transportation sea transportation. This transportation is used both to reach the district capital which is located in Waisai or vice versa.

In general, the route taken by visitors or tourists to reach Raja Ampat tourist sites is by air travel, then heading to the city of Sorong - West Papua (Domine Edward Osok). In this area there is no international flight path that can go directly to Domine Edward Osok. So, if we come from abroad, we must first transit in Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar or Makassar. And if we want to take the shortest route, we can transit at Ujung Pandang and take about 5 hours 15 minutes to arrive in the city of Sorong.

Then from the city of Sorong, the journey continues by using a taxi vehicle to the people's harbor to go to the capital of Raja Ampat (Waisai). Finally, we will take a ferry that serves the route from Sorong to Waisai.

The charm of a beautiful sea view, which we can see both from below and above the sea will make us hypnotized. For that we should not miss a valuable moment when visiting there. This condition is supported by the land structure that is endemic, the richness of marine life and the culture and wisdom of the local population. Some of the activities we can do in Raja Ampat are as:

  • Explore Raja Ampat island by boat.
  • Play like a game.
  • Dive to see the remains of ship wreckage under the sea.
  • Enjoy the beauty of coral islands (karst) around Wayag Island.
  • Visit the red bird of paradise typical of West Papua.
  • Traditional Papuan fishing.
  • Feed couscous.
  • Exploring bat caves (not Dark Knight bats).
  • Make your own wooden sculpture guided by Asmat craftsmen.
  • Snorkeling.
  • Trekking to find a waterfall.
  • Seeing sea ghosts

Yes, unfortunately, at this time the condition of the world is in a lockdown condition. So if later all Covid 19 problems have been resolved and for those of you who want to look for Nature tourism after having gone through saturation for so long due to Covid 19 Raja Ampat it might be a choice for tourism destination with families later .

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