Extra human finger

Extra human finger

Someone With A Sixth Finger -This Is What It Means
Adedayo Olumide Adedayo Olumide

When a person has a sixth finger, it means the person has a medical condition called Polydactyly. This condition makes a person have extra fingers or toes. The term was derived from two greet words “poly” (which means Many) and “dactylos” (which means Digits).

The most common type of this syndrome is the one where a little extra finger grows next to the fifth finger or toe. This syndrome is as a result of mutations in the body as well as environmental causes and it tends to run in the familyThis means that if you have it, one of your offsprings may likely develop it too.Here are some facts about Polydactyly:

– It commonly affects the right hand and the left foot.

It commonly affects hands more than it affects feet.

– It is more common among men.

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