Smart Crime: Become A Prophet
Jurgen Namupira Jurgen Namupira

The Bible says touch not my anointed, but how exactly are we supposed to identify the anointing? One can just wake up today and start speaking in a funny language, make impressive predictions about the future and he is already called a prophet. Next thing before you even know he is driving the most expensive car than you who is paying him.

Not to condemn any kind of offering towards the church, but the congregants needs to wake up and smell the coffee as well. It is crystal clear that they are being sold fake hope and in the process the supposed man of God is becoming even more richer everyday. It is such a disgrace that one has to pay for a prayer or even the lightest to just meet and greet the prophet.

These kind of manipulations should now be regarded as criminal offences. Although the victims are giving away their money voluntarily, they are being brainwashed into believing that water will change their destiny. One will still wonder what's the worst these men would do to harvest.

Some of them are always in the news for all the wrong news. Be it Rape, Fraud etc, they can do it all.

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