Donavon Lee Capenter(DLC)

Donavon Lee Capenter(DLC)

Revolution Of Music Industry
Ogbonna Nwachukwu Ogbonna Nwachukwu

Music revolution is simply same phenomena facing the entire business world where consumers, everyday people like you and i get to be involved fromthe ground of producing an album of artist we love  and cherish by pre-ordering the album in community space which serves the artist to raise  the initial capital to produce his/her in exchange of lifetime royalty payment to this community of his supporters.

Music fans nowadays do not only listen and dance to music they love but earn lifetime income from same album from the total revenue the album generates. To learn where it is unfolding go to

Below you'll see the first music artist to pay lifetime royalty payment to his supporters fans, who provide him with initial start-up capital by pre-order they make, social sharing, p2p listening to his album, even generate initial sales for cash flow to drive more sales too. Here's one of his tracks

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