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According to the English dictionary, problem is a difficulty that has to be resolved or dealt with.  Everyone have problems we face in our lives.  Good news! This problems can be handled.  The following are ways in which we can handle these problems.

  1. We need to identify what a real problem is.  A problem is something that can be solved.  It is something that we can do about.  If nothing can be done about it, then it is a predicament. 
  2. We should anticipate problem.  Problems will definitely come our way.  We should be prepared and ready. We should not be afraid. 
  3. Face the problem. It is important to know that running away from problem will not help you in anyway but facing it is a big step in solving it. 
  4. Embrace each problems as potential opportunity.  We should not push our problems away because they are wake-up calls for creativity. 
  5. Evaluate the problem.  To handle a problem,  we should examine this problems and list out possible ways to solve this problem.
  6. Choose the best possible ways to solve this problem. 
  7. Do not give up in solving any problems and be aware that when solving a  problem,  we should start from ourselves.

In conclusion , we can handle our problems with this following principles.  We should solve the problem that we face and we should accept the things we can't change. 

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