Pilot who survived bamuda's triangle explains what really happens there
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Feb 12, 2020 7:24 PM

hi everyone you've probably heard at least once about a mysterious place called the Bermuda Triangle they say that no ship or plane can escape that sea space between the u.s. state of Florida Bermuda and pressor.

Since the 50s people have invented many crazy theories about this place from the mysterious emissions of methane to the machinations of aliens in the sunken city of Atlantis but what is real about the Bermuda Triangle and what's not let's find out .Indeed the Bermuda Triangle is famous for the many incidents that happened here take for example the disappearance of the American Collier USS Cyclops 101 years ago the ship was about 165 metres long in 1918 it was carrying almost 11,000 tons of coal and more than 300 passengers on board and suddenly disappeared without a trace in the Bermuda Triangle, rescuers couldn't find any wreckage or bodies the suggestion that the storm hit the ship by surprise was completely unreasonable since the weather was clear on that day on the other hand given that this incident happened during the First World War the Collier could have been sunk by a German submarine .Germany has refuted this assumption though well some people think that that's what happened however the main theory says an overload on a ship was the reason behind this tragedy okay so that sounds reasonable but if the disappearance of the USS Cyclops could be explained logically then why is the Bermuda Triangle considered such a mystical place our next story might explain why it happened.In 1945 one sunny day five US Air Force torpedo bombers took off and headed for a regular flight exercise from an airbase in Florida at some point all five planes and 14 crew members at the so called flight 19 disappeared from the radar and a rescue plane the PBM 5 Martin Mariner with 13 specialists on board was sent to search for them and guess what happened the rescue aircraft also disappeared without a trace the bodies of the crew and the wreckages of six aircraft we never found several attempts were made to discover their location sometimes even allegedly successful but the experts concluded that the wreckage found most likely did not belong to the missing flight.

The story of flight 19 has become one of the most mysterious tragedies in world aviation and so the rumors and conspiracy theories ensued in fact ships and planes began to disappear in several centuries ago and even Christopher Columbus wrote in his journal about the strange behavior of the compass in this Syrian but the Bermuda Triangle got its legendary name only in 1964 when the American writes at Vincent Gaddis first used the sermon his journalistic investigation into the case of flight 19. His article turned out to be so mystical that it immediately gave birth to the most incredible theories the existence of the third dimension the abduction by aliens sea monsters people came up with all sorts of weird ideas but we understand that only the ones who came back from there alive could know the truth and until recently it was believed that there were no such people.

However one pilot who survived the strange events in the Bermuda Triangle was found his name is Bruce Gernon and he revealed the long-awaited truth about this mysterious place his story happened in December 1970 Bruce says that on that day he his father and his business partner flew from the Bahamas and headed for Miami Beach in Florida as soon as they gained altitude a strange cloud of a semicircular shape appeared on the horizon perhaps the best decision would be to go around it but apparently Bruce didn't have enough time to react as a result the plane flew right into the cloud and then weird things started to happen as the pilot recalls the plane plunged into the darkness pierced by occasional sudden flashes.

One would think that the whole thing is st. Elmo's fire discharge is in the form of luminous beams that arise in the atmosphere with a high electric field often before a thunderstorm but experienced pilots and sailors know exactly how this phenomenon looks like and according to Bruce it was something completely different when he collected himself a little piece saw a tunnel in the dark and miraculously managed to fly right into it but the story doesn't end there an eyewitness says that when the plane began to get out of the trap strange lines began to form around it rotating counterclockwise despite all the mess going on around Bruce struggle to get out at the tunnel he figured it would take him about three minutes however that the plane also behaved weirdly it covered this distance in just 20 seconds it would seem that this story has a happy ending but no at the end of the tunnel Bruce and his companions did not see a blue sky but thick fog they could only see two miles ahead that  it was impossible to see the ocean the horizon or a clear sky.

Passengers suddenly began to feel something similar to weightlessness all navigational instruments malfunctioned the compass needle was spinning like crazy it was complete chaos despite losing all means of navigation Bruce somehow managed to contact the earth and request his own coordinates the ground control said that they simply didn't see Bruce's aircraft on the radar the plane appeared on the radar again only when the fog had slightly dissipates it turned out that during this time it covered twice as much distance as planned and was already near Florida in three minutes the aircraft flew about a hundred and fifty kilometers that is it moved at a speed of about 3,000 kilometers per hour this is faster than how quickly fifth-generation fighters the supersonic cruising speed can fly Bruce and his companions traveled all that distance in 47 minutes although they flew the same route dozens of times and have never made it faster than an hour and a half apparently the instruments readings a wrong thought.

Gernon,when he landed, the pilot decided to check his fuel supplies, a verifies theory turns out that there was much more fuel left in the tank than he expected this fact struck the already surprised pilots even more how could this happen and what was it the most critical theory of what happened is large-scale vortex formations scientists believe that they can cause an abnormally fast movement in space and the description fits the case such vortices usually create streams of very thin air which form the unusual funnels they're dangerous to both ships and aircraft reaching a height of more than 10 kilometers go in and call this phenomenon at the Electronic fog so we kind of figured out the strange natural phenomena but how can we explain time-traveling most likely it's due to the phenomenon called the curvature of space a meteorologist Dave pears explained how it works. He marks the point of departure and arrival at the two ends of the virtual sheets of paper we see that there's a considerable distance between them now the scientist folds the sheets in half showing the curvature of space which most likely was the reason why gird and reached his destination so quickly and the crazy behavior of the navigation instruments can be explained by the influence of charged ionized air which is caused by electrical voltage in thunderstorm conditions although there might be another explanation the Bermuda Triangle along with Japanese Devils sea a unique place where the geographical north intersects with the magnetic direction of the northern meridian this is precisely what might cause compass failure of course all of the above explains the incident to some degree but still not completely where do all of these strange vortices come from is it some kind of cyclone giant waves are a completely independent natural phenomenon here we have to introduce another scientific concept so-called dark energy perhaps on that day Kernan's plane encountered this energy which made it go through an incredible experience.

Dark energy is a hypothetical concept introduced by researchers to explain the expansion of the universe in its acceleration many scientists are certain that it exists but still don't quite understand its true nature solving the equation for dark energy is one of the key tasks in modern cosmology why were the remains of ships and planes that crashed here never found though it's known that they permeate a triangle it's one of the deepest underwater trenches in the world most of it extends almost 6,000 meters below and in some places the depth reaches 8,000 meters by the way not only air vortices but also powerful under currents and coral reefs threaten ships here add to this huge waves which sometimes form here under the influence of the Gulf Stream you must admit that this whole story gives a loss of room for fiction exaggeration and myths. Scientists have many different theories about the nature of the Bermuda Triangle for one thing is certain the disappearance of ships and aircraft in this region is in no way connected with intergalactic monsters and underwater creatures in fact the notorious Bermuda Triangle is one of the busiest crossroads in the world hundreds of transport routes go through it daily and the number of incidents is almost negligible scientists say that being surprised by disasters that happen in this place is like being surprised by the number of car accidents that happen on the busiest Avenue in a huge city so if you ask us whether the Bermuda Triangle is a special place we of course say yes it's the spot where several natural phenomena converge and under certain conditions this can slightly increase the probability of an incident does this mean every ship or plane crossing this region is doomed of course not knots even every tenth or every hundred as life goes people are prone to mysticism and exaggerating which leads to creation of new absurd stories perhaps that's just a part of our nature so it's not worrying about scary made-up stories in most cases science debunks this story sends the mysticism behind them.

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