Power Supply

Power Supply

Nigerian Electric Power supply Lost 385.65 megawatts
Shingil Matawal Shingil Matawal

Nigeria has been suffering from Limited amount of power supply over the years, there has been a drop of power from 3,993.65 (megawatts), MW, to 3,608 MW, indicating a drop of 385.65 MW. This is due to inadequate gas supply, distribution infrastructure and transmission energy.

The vice president of Nigeria Yemi Osinbajo, stated: “On January 2, 2020, the average energy sent out was 3,608 MW/Hour (down by 385.65 MW from the previous day). 2,026.5 MW was not generated due to unavailability of gas.”

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  • Shingil Matawal
  • https://www.naijaloaded.com.ng/news/nigerias-power-supply-drops-by-385-65-megawatts


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