My miserable success

My miserable success

My Miserable Success
Tanyah Mtema Tanyah Mtema

It wasn't not so long ago that I yearned for riches. Sitting on the mahogany study desk and dreaming of my own adult Disney  land filled with Joy's and smiles.

"Do not worry mama, I will surely take care of you when I'm done with my university. I will drive you across the country,  border to border and make sure you fly across seas and oceans. Life will never be the same when you child becomes a graduate. I will buy you a new house and make sure you enjoy the fruits of your labour without any regrets hanging on your mouth." I promised.

Now here I am mama, I'm a graduate but still our lives haven't changed. Not even a little bit. We still live in this vintage house that father left for us. You are still selling vegetables In the market to make sure I'm fed. Your tears are still flowing like a river and you have grown so thin. Still you carrass me and say, "Don't worry my baby everything will be alright." Daring to mystify a reality that is so hard to change. In the scotching heat the local market has become my office and a 20litre bucket serving as my office desk with tomatoes that signify the pens I was going to use to update meetings. Good thing is I receive the people everyday and these should have been my business partners, but here I am. I have been successful in business but it a miserable success that pains me day by day.

Please forgive me mama!

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