Modern Artists And Their Influence On Young People
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By Mathias Yawlui

Young people can be moved by what they see from friends, family, and more, especially celebrities. In recent decades, Media and television have been a flourishing industry. People have mesmerised by the things that they see on TV, which they never had the chance to experience themselves. However, artists' influence on young people can be like a double-edged sword; they can either educate people or mislead them. Modern artists have the power to make young people listen or disobey the authorities or government. 

How an artist positively influences young people. 
Studies show that youth are more likely to select influencers who they perceive as similar to themselves. For instance, they are more likely to look up to someone of the same gender, race, and ethnicity. The influence of modern artist on the youth can sometimes be for the better. Let's quickly have a look at some of the positive ways these artists impact the child. 
1. The influence of artists gives young people a sense of belonging: Research findings indicate that adolescents who can identify a positive artist in their lives have higher grades and self-esteem than those who can't, particularly when they know their role model on a personal level. A personal relationship with your influencer can make you see yourself in a whole new way. It even goes a long way to help young people. 
2. Helps decrease young people's risk of indulging in immoral and fraudulent activities: Positive modern artists are also known to reduce a youth's potential for risky behaviours such as drug and alcohol abuse, sexual intercourse, and violence. Studies also show that when youth can identify positive artists within their family or school, they are more likely to make healthy lifestyle choices regarding nutrition and exercise.
3. The influence on young people gives them a standard to leave When young see a positive modern artist's achievements, and they usually want to live like the artist, so they give in their strength and their spirit to work their way up there. This is mostly found in young people who have an individual influencer they admire and cherish. It has can somethings bring what you may call "unnecessary pressure," but those youth that wants to better their lives see it as a standard of life they also want to achieve.
4. Makes young people believe in something greater than them: Belief they say can make you do things you are afraid to do. When the youth is influenced in the right way, they believe in themselves that they can also raise high to that level to influence the young people around them. This is more common when they can relate their current situation with that of the artist. 

How an artist negatively influences young people.
As we outline the positives, we should also look at the harmful effects of artists' influence on young people. You will agree with me that, when it comes to someone's influence, it depends on the youth to determine what is right or wrong. What might be right for me might be inappropriate for someone else. Let's quickly jump right into the negatives. 
1. It gives young people unnecessary pressure: The youth try to look good like their influencers, and young people are looking for fast ways to make money. They then indulge in fraudulent activities, selling hard drugs just because they want to buy the latest trends. Young people end up in social vices like illicit sex, drug addiction, evil or immoral behavior such as murder, examination malpractice, thuggery, and other criminal tendencies.
2. Makes young people addicted to their artist: You see, when young people depend on such people, it looks as if their entire existence depends on the influencer. When the artist finds him or herself in a bad situation, the youth also behaves like they are also in that situation. They look to these artists and worships them as gods.
3. Destructive behaviors are picked up: When a young person finds out their artist is a drunkard and uses hard drugs, they think it's the right way to go. They also indulge in such activities, such as taking hard drugs, smoking, drinking, and what have you. It's not their intention to become drunkards or demanding drug users. Young people become addicted to all these just because his or her artist appears to take it. I have friends who are now drunkards and demanding drug users because they didn't see these modern artists' positive impact.
4. Young people become arrogant: You can agree that most modern artists who are now influencers are very arrogant and proud. The good African culture of respect and humility is in the balance because some influencers are making our youth believe that they don't need anyone to succeed in life. The youth is not humble; young people now think they no longer need their parents' guidance and advice. The advice of our parents is taken for granted. Young people think they are old and wise enough to make decisions for themselves.

We can be saying outlining the positive and negative way modern artists influence our young people. The youth decides to make a bold and learn the positives and not the negatives.

If you plan on getting an artist as a role model, just take some time and see what the person will add to your life. You can write these things down and make sure you abide by only good traits and elements. You decide to make and do not let any lousy artist influence you to become a wrong person for your family, country, and the whole world.

When a young person has an artist as a role model, it might be because of what they have seen about the artist. Some young people have artists as role models just because others are keeping one.

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