Make money while you sleep.
Haye Binjo Haye Binjo

I want to sleep 10hrs a day.

Otedola said: “When I sold one of my businesses, my majority shareholding in Forte oil, I woke up one day and I said to myself I am 57 years old and for me, the age for the departure lounge from this world is 85 so I now said I have only 28 years left.

"Out of the 28 years, of course I sleep 10 hours a day, so I said most likely if God permits me like our father Chief Adebanjo, I would have 12 years awake. I said Okay and then called my CFO, she said Sir, you have sold the business, one of the arms of the business, in 5 months you have N5 billion interest. I said okay, we will give it to charity”

The Nigerian BILLIONAIRE said he sleeps 10 hours a day. Now, I outlined the word "Billionaire" for a reason. 

Many of us are obsessed with replicating the same result of those we admire or follow, but we ignore the process - it doesn't work that way.

We look at them as though they never had struggles or bad times, well, they did. Is just that many a times we are blinded by obsession to see that.

OK, did you ask yourself why he said that now and not earlier before he achieved his aim? Or maybe he has never been asked this question before now? No! Otedola owns a system that earns him money even while he sleeps and that can only come through consistency, diligence,hard work and most important, prayer.

It is a pity to hear someone say "even Otedola sleeps 10 hours a day so I would sleep 10 hours a day too" and you still want to become a billionaire. Hello? how many hours have you invested building yourself? How many hours have you invested in the place of prayer? Nothing and yet, you want to sleep 10hours a day.

You can sleep 10 hours some days but not a day until you've achieved what you want to achieve.

Otedola has achieved his'. So, don't sleep too much if you don't own a system that earns you money while you sleep.

Respect the process, the result will take care of itself.



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