Knitting the word miss being loved
Alyara Riadi Alyara Riadi

In my lonely, I learned that I had never learned, more than just loving human, children,  who are very adept at selling mere sweet words ...

I came to understand the meaning of love for my God, love for my parents and family, and of course love for myself.

There are times when I miss someone who can understand my feelings, accompany me from the loneliness of the night, keep my heart so that it is only for her (future lover), and always be there when I am shedding tears of happiness and sadness.

Not because the reason is too long with its own status, but there are times when ordinary people like me need a woman who gives love to me ...

I always believe God has prepared someone who is the best for me. It's okay if right now God trusts me more to guard and better understand what I really am.

Through this writing, I just want to say that "I miss being loved"

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