Journey Begins: 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence
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Today marks the beginning of our preparation towards the 16 days of activism against gender based violence. At Parrotrelease we have vowed to project our voices by sharing stories, essays, poems and articles in support of the movement. We believe in the power of literature to preach, teach and console the broken hearts. The 16 days will officially start on 25 November, but we will Kickstart nine days earlier to set the atmosphere.

Today we present you a poem by Zimbabwean poet, Tapiwa Chimbadzwa, popularly known as Dr coGwila.

Title: Are we there yet?

An oxymoron of all times 
I think our times are worse than Soddom n Gomora.
Our love for riches and fame 
Has put us to shame 
We could be dead by now 
Only that he vowed not to destroy mother earth ever again 
The grave yard is now loaded and hell is overcrowded.
If there is time to make an overflow is now 
For our generation has turned this life to nothing 
The Ephesians and Songs of Solomon love has departed
Now we live in lamentations 
Where her tears are used to water the plants 
And her blood flows more on the house walls and floors more than her veins .
Men we have become animals
If its not physical we take it further to psychological
Body shaming and slut shaming a weapon of mass destruction to her demise.
Why are we doing this to her
This gender deserves more than what we offer
Let us stop Gender Based Violence.
Men we are the perpetrators let's stop being defensive and change.
She is in 
pain please save her.
@Dotor coGwigla2020

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