Is lobola /bride prize a way to sell our daughters
Nobuhle Mathe Nobuhle Mathe

The drama of a couple in Zimbabwe has caused a lot of people to start questioning the world we live in. Their argument started after the guy arranged money for lobola in Rands and Bonds the same currency that is currently used in Zimbabwe. The  bride to be  argued that her parents where not going to accept the Bonds if the guy is serious about marriage he should change his money to forex. The guy argued that he wanted to secure their future as they will be life after marriage. The wife to be came to a decision that if the husband to be is not ready to change his money he can cancel the plans of getting married to her. 

It became a topic of the week as others thought it was the economy of the country's fault, others blamed the girl for playing the negotiator instead of letting her parents do so. Others said the culture was to blame as they use girls as their property, something they can sell anytime they want. 

The unanswered Question still remains, is lobola a way to sell our daughters. 

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