Giving Away
Shiphrah Agbomadzi Shiphrah Agbomadzi

I was given away against my wish. My humble tears couldn’t stop them. My pain and agony couldn’t push them away. My education didn’t even matter to them. Eeii the little me automatically becoming a woman. My childhood being taken away from me. My hopes shattered, dreams burnt. My aims, aspirations really meant nothing to them.

My mom look into my eyes and she sees is sorrows but she can’t help. My daddy, hmmm that man!!! He looks at me with no pity, no love, nothing. My rights, my freedom are all no more. My happiness, smiles are all gone. My dreams, hopes are buried. 

Marrying someone old enough to be my grandfather all in the name of ”he is rich”. Motherly responsibilities at this tender age, wifely duties at this time, raising kids when I was barely raised all these are my have been my headache.

So mummy?? Can’t you hear my cry.!!? Dad!!?? Can’t u feel my pain inside.!? Uncles!! Aunties!! Kinsmen!!? Where did I go wrong? Is it my fault to be born a girl? I didn’t choose to come from this family? Why would you get rid of me in such manner? Taking away my smiles and replacing them with pain. Taking away my pride and replacing it with fear. 

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