Feature Poem: National Disaster
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By Jurgen Namupira

We labour and toil,

day in, day out

men and women of all colours,

people of different sizes

beings of various schools of thought…

all we have is just one thing in common;



Hope of payday,

we may enjoy our sweat.

Hope of economic revival,

we would get a taste of the national cake.

Hope of political turnaround,

we might witness the fulfilment of empty promises.

Hope for social development,

by chance the nation might be a better place to be.


Well, hope still remains hope;

without a backing action to it,

forever it shall be just a feeling

and here we are today,

nursing our national disaster still;

licking the wounds of desperation,

  accounting for the wasted days

stuck in the system of unyielding events.

Will our hope help?

A question with no answer,

Yet we reserve hope for the hopeless.

National disaster…

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