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Good day readers. Its year end! Yes, that period where we start cutting people off and making huge amazing plans for next year. We’re anticipating the new year, filled with energy to face it, while still flexing. I believe we’ve all heard it’s dettydecember.

I just want to use this chance to remind everyone that you do not have to wait for the year end before you start to do these amazing things. Yes, the new year comes with this powerful, positive new beginning energy and its unmatched but every second is new too. Take a deep breath and make those changes anytime you want. Cut me off now, I am toxic for you, you don’t have to wait till December 31 before getting rid of me.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get into what this article is about. I had a lot of topics I wanted to talk about, domestic violence, paedophilia, drug abuse, insurgency, insecurity, oppression, SARS, police, NURTW,the health sector, our education, our government, God, please. But I’m not going to be talking about any of that, no, I’m going to be talking about how you shouldn’t neglect raising your boy child. We’re talking about smashing the patriarchy, which basically just means a system that favors men.

I worked on a piece once about how I couldn’t walk on the street peacefully without being approached by someone I didn’t want to talk to but I had to. Why? Because I was scared of what he would do to me. The amount of people that could relate to that experience was scary. Its the world we live in now, one where women are scared to exist. Countless of times we’ve heard stories of how boys gang raped a woman because she was rude to their friend or turned down his advances all in the name of teaching her a lesson. The inhumanity, the outrage, the madness! Could you be more insane.

This is not a regional problem, its not confined to one place. Its everywhere in the world. This time on social media, a trend was going on. What will you do if all men were absent for a day? The replies were sad, women wanted to wear what they want, they wanted to walk under the stars at night, women all over wanted to exist, they wanted to live. If you don’t see a problem with this then I’m sorry, you’re part of the problem we’re fighting.

We’ve heard the dress responsibly so you don’t get raped. we’ve heard the don’t walk alone, especially on isolated and dark streets. we’ve heard the don’t get drunk. we’ve heard them all but what about the don’t be a rapist? She was asking for it, I mean did you see the way she was looking at me, no Jared she wasn’t. she is 14. How about we start facing the problems and stop torturing the victims. As a child I was taught not to enter the room of an adult man but was he taught to not take advantage of anyone? Child or adult!

This male entitlement and patriarchy is in the little things like demanding you talk to them and its in the big things, like demanding for sex for jobs and grades. It’s in the molesting of children and the slapping of your female counterparts for talking back to you. Its in domestic violence, in expecting your wife to do everything, slave away while you play call of duty. Its in the giving less qualified males job where qualified women are. It is in you not not seeing a problem with all of these, it is in you mocking our complaints, it is in you trying to shut us up and and it must end!

A man was asked what scares him the most about going to jail and he said it was being raped by other gay convicts. This man’s worst fear is one every woman has to go through daily. I’m not saying the female specie is perfect, but that’s not what we’re talking about, today we’re calling for you, a real human, to help solve this specific problem by changing your mentality and inculcating it into your sons and brothers.

We need to start raising men not big-aged boys. Scold your brothers, punish your son, teach your children. Teach your daughters that they are not inferior, let them know the world is unfair but it doesn’t mean they are not good enough. Teach them to fight the system. More importantly, teach your sons. Teach them to respect women, they are not objects. Make it clear to them that they do have an advantage because they were born with a penis. Let them know that nobody owes them anything. Ensure they’re able to take a no, even without explanations. Make it clear to them that they can’t just want things and have them. Rip them off of the entitlement and superiority complex. Destroy the horrible system. All these won’t happen if you don’t see a problem and I hope you do. Take a stand today. Say no to patriarchy. End patriarchy, we’ve had enough.


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