Emmerson "Founder" Ncube Crowned PAWD Master Poet of The Week
Jurgen Namupira Jurgen Namupira

Poets And Writers Den once again started the week off with exciting news. Combined with Africa Day Commemorations was the coronation of Emmerson Ncube aka Founder as Master Poet of the week. Emmerson reigns out of Cowdray Park suburb in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He attended Mahlathini primary and Insukamini  primary schools. Later, he progressed to Lobengula high school where he pursued both his Ordinary and Advanced level studies.

In the challenge, poets had to battle for the Master Poet title through their submissions. Each poet had to submit an acrostic poem. As such, Emmerson emerged as the overall winner with the greatest vote count.

Winning Poem
Title: Poets And Writers' Den

Poetry brings us together as a family.
Our mission is simple;
Transforming lives,
Sharing and inspiring.

And when we collaborate,
No enemy can stand in our way.
Destruction will be executed without delay.

We welcome everyone
Regardless of race, tribe and religion.
Insight is what we gain, because of our diversity.
Trust and togetherness is what keeps us strong and unified.
Entertaining and educating is what we prioritize.
Reading and criticising pieces is our daily activity.
Selectivity is detestable to us.

Day after day,
Encounters and experiences are shared,
New members are warmly welcomed.

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