Don't Live Like a Forgotten Nut
Alyara Riadi Alyara Riadi

Avoid Life Like Forgotten Beans on Her Skin

Keeping living with dignity does not have to mean collecting as much wealth or collecting a row of undergraduate titles. And also won a lucrative position. Because the dignity of a human being, in fact, is not determined by all that.

Dignity is an inseparable part of our dignity as human beings who are virtuous. One side that often makes people fall and lose their dignity is self-forgetfulness. As the proverb says "like peanuts forget the skin" The essence is: "Never forget the mind of the person who has brought us to be successful"

Because when this is done, then our conscience will curse ourselves throughout life, and consequently, whatever amount of wealth that is collected, whether for whatever reason, will become extinct. Likewise, the fame that is in the palm of the hand, will recede, fade and eventually disappear. This is where the law of sowing and reaping shows, that in this world, no one will escape this law, "he who sows, he will reap" Who sows the seed does not know how to return the favor, then nature will retaliate many times over.

The logic is actually very simple. Whatever comes out, will multiply again, both positive and negative. That can be analogous to when we are in a valley. When we shout: "You are stupid" Then our voices will resonate and within a second nature will reflect back what we have already repeated. shout it out, which is: "You're stupid, you're stupid, we're stupid. stupid! "

Conversely, if we say something positive, for example: "You are successful!" Then a second later, our voice will resonate and nature will restore it in the form of an echo: "You are successful ... you are successful ... successful ... successful!"

Life Does Not Escape From the Law of Resonance

The law of resonance is real and factual. Whatever we do, whether seen by others or done clandestinely will never escape the law of resonance. If we help people with sincerity, maybe the people we help will never have the opportunity to help us. But surely there will be times when other people who might be completely unknown will help us in conditions and situations that endanger our lives.

A Piece of Life Experience

In the journey of life, often in a dangerous and critical condition, I was helped by people who did not know me at all. For example, when I drowned in a river and at sea and when a single accident, I was lying unconscious on the highway. These events were what I made a living lesson. That there were no good deeds in vain. It's useless that I often help people who are in need of help, even though the person I'm helping doesn't even know that I'm helping. Apparently there was a time, I was also helped by someone I didn't know.

The point is that no matter how small the help of people to use, especially if there are people who have been kind enough to help us find a way to succeed, we should never be like peanuts forget the skin. We may not be able to repay the kindness of the same person, but we can apply our gratitude, by applying life to help each other. Helping people is helping oneself. Doing good for others is doing good for ourselves. Because whatever we do, it will resonate with the universe and will return to us many times over.

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