Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump: The World's Controversial President
Jurgen Namupira Jurgen Namupira

One would have raised their hopes high in the past few weeks with the heat rising around the twitter fan. Donald Trump has been on and off twitter giving comments on the on-going impeachment trial (which however was a flop), but what really is the standing point? Is President Trump really that lovable character or is just a sly figure that seduces his foes with a smile?

Throughout the process, President Trump did not exhibit any signs of disturbances, as if he knew the outcome already. Maybe the people and the system really do love him.At the end of it all he stood to present the people holding a newspaper, obviously bragging about his victory. His face was on the first page (what else could make him more proud of himself) and the headline read; "Trump acquitted."

It is crystal clear that President Trump has vowed to seat on the throne until his days are numbered with the likelihood of extending his stay through elections. Would he miss the elections after surviving impeachment, the same guillotine that slaughtered the presidential career of Bill Clinton? Well, only the future can tell. Like President Trump is fond of saying, "We never know!"

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