Dying Crops

Dying Crops

Climate Change: A Cause For Concern
Jurgen Namupira Jurgen Namupira

In the midst of daily struggles food security cannot in any way be sidelined as a matter of less concern. A loadful of countries is standing on their toes, searching for solutions to the problems of climate change.

Let's take a look at Zimbabwe for instance. Climate change has seen the shifting and alterations to the rain season. Which in turn has devastated many of the less informed farmers. Due to the lack of education on changes in the weather patterns, farmers have stuck to their old farming calendars. Alas, the result has been one that breaks hearts. 

After throwing seed into the ground, farmers would obviously expect to see their seeds sprouting out of the soil. To the dismay of many, it is either nothing came out  or intense heat has competed with them for the little available water.

At the same time waterbodies are progressively drying up and there is not much for proper irrigation. 

As a result there is a huge fear of a negative impact on food security. In the next few seasons will there still be enough food to cater for everyone? Nobody can really tell, the changes are hectic and no one will be able to contain them in the near future if they persist.

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