The true beauty of fashion

The true beauty of fashion

Joshua  Akinbode Joshua Akinbode
The society is rich with different cultural diversity which has made every one distinct in her practices, to every good sensational period per time some values were attached to it. To brighten this mode let me bring it to a level of subconsciousness that dressing is very important in the society but it has lose its savour with less commanding tone to telling of good heritage's story.

If it is true that "what does not have a name, has no meaning", what better explanation can we give the word "FASHION". We are in the society whereby a male with tuxedo or a native attire well covered on him looks more attractive and welcoming to a female well covered with nice clothing in which we need to detach our minds from this norms, they say the world is crazy, should we then act like what they meant.

If the world is crazy, it is our responsibility to pacify the craziness and make it more amazing not by the confession of words but taking actions that will understand the problem. An important lifestyle originated to make the society more beatific unfortunately its integrity has been punctured because the tales behind its creation was misunderstood.

Fashion is not about the type of cloth you put on or the brand of your wristwatch, fashion is the way you comport yourself that speaks of better expressions. What is not important can not be fashioned to its perfection, we have cooked every wrong choice to be normal, science and technology is yet to discover human complexity, let your dressing speak a better language that will complete the tower of good omen. 

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