7 Amazing Things Cryptocurrency made for the world
Alyara Riadi Alyara Riadi
Since the creation of Bitcoin as the first digital money that became the forerunner of Cryptocurrency for the financial world today, many things have happened and are quite amazing to say changes and even some things that can be accepted by reason can happen.

Among others are :

  1. Cryptocurrency is a currency without a recognized country and can be used for payment methods.
  2. The digit value behind 0, can be very large. And this is only owned by Cryptocurrency.
  3. Technological advances to make cryptocurrency emerge, but technological advances cannot yet uncover who the real creator of Bitcoin is.
  4. There are 3000 more types of currencies that can be called cryptocurrency.
  5. Do not have physical but valuable.
  6. Outstanding security but vulnerable to the word lost.
  7. A market that never stops.

Those are the 7 amazing things for my version of the word cryptocurrency that have made things out of the mind acceptable but become a very valuable asset if you have them.

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